OFF Grid smart street light powered 100% by solar energy 

The street light uses particularly efficient LED luminaires, vertical solar panels at the top of the posts and batteries specially designed for solar panels. The batteries are installed in specially designed 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10-meter posts. This solution ensures successful operation of street lights with solar energy even after up to four cloudy days. The street light does not need to be connected to the mains electricity grid at all.

The entire street lighting device is controlled by the Lumoflex wireless smart outdoor lighting control system.

Solintel’s product is easy to install and maintain, making this street light the ideal for market for markets where the balance of sunlight is more evenly distributed throughout the year and where more than 90% of the world’s population lives.

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ON Grid - Solar Hybrid street light

The market for these luminaires is located North of Copenhagen and south of Cape Town, an area where the balance of sunlight is more unevenly distributed throughout the year

Hybrid smart street light powered by solar and mains energy

The Solintel Hybrid solution is specifically targeted at markets where the year-round sunlight balance is very uneven, such as Northern Europe and Scandinavia. From mid-autumn to spring there is not enough sunlight, while in summer there are very long and bright days.

To this end, we are developing a solution where the solar-powered smart street light described above is connected to the energy grid. During periods of insufficient sunlight, it is possible to buy the missing energy from the grid. During long light-filled days, energy is sold to the grid. In this way, every street light post becomes an efficient Green Energy Station, with a target of achieving a net zero result on average through the year.

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Lumoflex smart outdoor lighting control system

A simple product consisting wireless luminaire controllers, ambient light sensor, and optional wireless motion detectors. Dimming schedule is set and changed on the installation site with a wireless handheld device.

As needs grow, the system is easy to migrate to a Lumoflex City solution. This solution enables smart cloud-based remote management and feedback, while also providing a complete overview of the street lighting installation base. The intuitive interface further simplifies use.

For more demanding customers, the Sense version has been created – an advanced solution that includes a variety of urban and environmental sensors. Human presence and traffic sensors for street lighting control, sensors for collecting the necessary data for air quality, weather and other conditions.

Such a combination provides an excellent opportunity to intelligently, efficiently and especially environmentally friendly lighting of our roads and streets with net zero energy consumption, even in places where there is no energy network or it is very difficult / expensive to install it.

Lumoflex is already successfully used in Estonia, Greece and India.

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